Neteera's goal is to become the leading global Terahertz technology solutions developer and  manufacturer.


Neteera's vision is to develop an innovative and disruptive sensing technology that is multi-applicational. By using Terahertz technology, our technology is safe, allows for imaging through a variety of non-transparent and non-conductive materials and can measure micro-movements as well as molecular spectral fingerprints.  
Our novel sensing technology can provide solutions for problems that surfaced in various industries:

 Health and
 Security Automotive
 Existing sensors require direct contact or pressure
 Plastic and ceramic weapons fail to be detected  Weather and lighting affect images
Neteera's founders, veterans of the high-tech community, partnered with Yissum, The Hebrew University technology and IP company, with a mission to develop a new disruptive sensing technology which would be the solution to these problems.  A handpicked team of experienced applied-physics, RF, software and optics experts from around the world was formed.
Within two years from its founding, Neteera's technology is operational. Proof of Concept was developed and tested.  A vital-signs monitoring system has been developed to measure from a distance a person's pulse, heart rate velocity and respirations with no-contact or pressure.   
Neteera is continuing to develop and manufacture components and applications which will enhance our lives. We are discussing with a number of potential partners to bring our solutions to market.