Neteera's goal is to become the leading global Terahertz technology solutions developer and  manufacturer.

Neteera's corporate vision is to develop an innovative and disruptive sensing technology that is multi-applicational. By using sub-Terahertz frequencies, Neteera's micro-radar enables detection and imaging through a variety of non-transparent and non-conductive materials and can measure micro-movements, as well as molecular spectral fingerprints.  

Our novel sensing technology can provide solutions for multiple industries:


 Health and
 Security  Automotive
The development of unique contact-free sensing of human vital signs


Enabling remote concealed plastic and ceramic weapons detection
Providing applications as Driver Monitoring,
Child Presence Detection and Level 3 & 4 Autonomous Vehicles control

Neteera's founders, veterans of the high-tech community, set out on a mission to develop a new disruptive sensing technology which would be the key enabler to multiple new technology areas.  A handpicked team of experienced applied-physics, RF, software and optics experts from around the world was formed.

Within two years from its founding, Neteera's technology is operational. Proof of Concept has been developed and tested, resulting in a vital-signs monitoring system, capable of remotely measuring the pulse, heart rate interval, heart rate variability and respiration rate.