Algorithm Engineer 
Job Title:  Algorithm Engineer
Report to: V.P. R&D
This position is involved with an exciting array of responsibilities and tasks. The engineer will perform data analysis and develop algorithms as necessary in order to perform their specific job as appropriate. They will develop tools and techniques to extract valuable information from quasi-periodic time based signals collected using a new non-contact based technology. They will be able to conduct expected performance analysis to determine optimal solutions. Must be able to work with other engineering and staff members to ensure efficient and proper implementation of solutions into real-time processing.
  • M.Sc. in mathematics, computer science, or physics.
  • 3-5 years work experience in algorithmic-based problem solving techniques.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced in DSP, wavelet analysis, machine vision, machine learning and array processing.   
  • High level proficiency in MATLAB.
  • Creative in problem solving
  • Results oriented
  • Fluency in English 

Familiarity with one or more of the following: Java, Python, C,
Experience with machine learning techniques
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Field Application Engineer

Title:                           Field Application Engineer

Reporting to:              VP Product Manager


Key responsibilities and tasks:   

      ·       Installation, integration, testing and support of the company’s product at the customers/prospects sites. May require travelling abroad.

      ·       Contribute to the testing and integration of the product in the company prior to shipment.

      ·       Customer follow-up, training and application support.

      ·       Support sales activity.

      ·       Analyze and prioritize the “field” feedback and transmit them to the Product Management and R&D team.

      ·       Work closely with the product management and the R&D team to contribute to the improvement of the products.

Candidate profile:

Education:       A recognized engineering or scientific certification in electronics, physics, mechatronics or the equivalent.

Professional skills:

      ·       The ability to operate and tune electronics and electro-optic systems

      ·       Experience in multi-disciplinary project management

      ·       A minimum of 4 years’ experience

      ·       Fluency in English, spoken and written 

Personal skills:

      ·       Results oriented

      ·       Excellent communication skills

      ·       Fast learning

      ·       Enthusiasm and dedication

      ·       Proactive relationship builder

      ·       Ability to work by himself/herself

      ·       Integrity

      ·       A team player

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