Neteera has created a unique and innovative sensing technology operating within the rarely utilized area of the electromagnetic spectrum dubbed the "Terahertz Gap". 
Neteera’s unique sensing technology employs the currently untapped sub-THz and THz regions of the electromagnetic spectrum, which is a key enabler for the burgeoning contact-free sensing market, facilitating previously unimaginable detection capabilities.

Neteera has completed the development of an initial 140 GHz 6 antenna surface mountable micro-radar and associated detection algorithms, which allows for multiple applications with the following unique advantages:

Neteera´s micro-radar antenna-on-chip is highly unique, as displayed via multiple technical innovations:
Neteera's micro-radar is the culmination of  multiple disparate technologies, combined together to create a unique sensing and processing platform :
Neteera´s 4th generation sensor is operational and will be made available in multiple flavors each with a different frequency allowing for multi-spectral detection and adaptable imaging in a compact and reliable package 
Our micro-radars have the flexibility to be applied to many markets.  The company's initial application is a contact-free vital-signs monitor which has the ability to read a person's Pulse Rate, Respiration Rate and Heart Rate Interval and Heart Rate Variability in a contact-free, seamless and reliable manner.  This sensing application can be applied to the Automotive, Health and Well-Being, Baby monitoring and Eldercare industries. Additional imaging applications will be developed geared towards the Homeland Security and Personal Security markets.    

We are able to fine tune and adapt our solution to other unique needs – for more information, please contact usContact us

Neteera Evaluation System (NES)
Neteera has developed the Neteera Evaluation System (NES), an engineering prototype which may be used by partners to evaluate how Neteera's technology can work within their system and to aid in the development of their intended applications. 


NES 1.5
The revised NES 1.5 is a significantly more compact single box system than the original NES. Using a compact external signal generator, and based on the current generation of Neteera micro-radar-on-a-chip, the NES 1.5 enables easy set-up and integration for test and evaluation of Neteera’s core detection algorithms, as well as 3rd party functions development. Outputs are displayed via Neteera’s proprietary GUI, with data-out via a 3rd party external interface PCB.

NES 2.0
Neteera will soon launch the NES 2.0 evaluation system representing the most series-like NES to date, being based on the series intent 140Ghz Neteera micro-radar-on-a-chip for signal source, as well as transmission and receipt. A quantum leap forward in contact-free sensing systems it will be compact enough to be discretely embedded in a broad range of locations – from a car seat to smart furniture or simply integrated into a lab based demo.