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Empowering Healthcare Systems and Elevating the Patient Experience

Neteera was founded by veterans of the Israeli high-tech industry, with a vision to improve our healthcare system by introducing transformative new technologies. Our goal is to create a positive disruption in the way patients are monitored and their data is analyzed.


To achieve this, we invented a groundbreaking, contactless technology that can sense a patient's micro skin displacements and translate them into valuable clinical data. The advantages are clear: no cameras (ensuring privacy), no need for physical contact, no maintenance requirements, and a wide range of features that help provide a deeper understanding of the patient's status—all while continuously tracking their progress.


Realizing such ambitious goals requires time and dedication. Over the past decade, we have invested heavily in developing our solution from the ground up. We have created a new sensor specifically designed for human monitoring, worked tirelessly on privacy compliance and performance, and made significant investments in cybersecurity and user-friendliness.


At Neteera, we are dedicated to transforming healthcare systems, with a strong emphasis on empowering both patients and providers. Through our innovative technology, we strive to foster a culture of trust, accessibility, and unparalleled care.


The time has come, and we are now deploying tens of thousands of our systems in hundreds of healthcare facilities. We take great pride in improving the lives and outcomes of numerous patients, and we intend to continue enriching our offering and supporting our clients and their patients.

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