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Our Story

When it comes to innovation, there are tales that start with a simple question: "What if?" For Isaac, our CEO, that question ignited a journey that would redefine not just one industry, but two.


It began with a decision to depart from the familiar confines of Mobileye, driven by a vision to bridge a crucial gap in technology. The mission? To close the data loop, seamlessly connecting drivers with their vehicles to usher in a new era of intelligent safety systems. But not just any systems - ones that could adapt, learn, and make split-second decisions based on real-time data.


Isaac knew the heart of this technology had to be robust, akin to the standards of medical-grade equipment. It needed to be unwaveringly reliable, unfailingly accurate, and effortlessly passive, all within the dynamic confines of automotive environments.


Yet, despite an exhaustive search, no off-the-shelf solutions matched this ambitious vision. Undeterred, Isaac rallied a team, drawing together minds eager to pioneer the future. Their mantra: If they could craft a product meeting the stringent demands of the automotive sector, they could simultaneously unlock a gateway to transforming healthcare.


Then, the Covid-19 pandemic, with its disruptive force, propelled the team forward. From that simple “What If,” came the seeds of innovation sown in the quest for vehicle safety— with it, emerged a trailblazing path toward revolutionizing healthcare. Today, Neteera’s story continues, shaped by a relentless commitment to improving healthcare ecosystems and delivering proactive care to patients. 

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Issac Litman

CEO & Founder, Neteera Technologies

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