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Neteera’s markets

Our Sub-Terahertz sensing solution is an extremely versatile product with application across multiple industries and products.  The company's initial application is a contact-free vital-signs monitor can read a person's Pulse Rate, Respiration Rate, Heart Rate Variability and Respiration Amplitude in a contact-free, seamless and reliable manner. This sensing application can be applied to the Automotive, Healthcare and Wellbeing, Baby Monitoring and Eldercare industries. Additional imaging applications in development are targeted at the Homeland Security and Personal Security markets. Below are a sample of use cases.Understanding changes in vital signs over time allows the Neteera sensor to deliver predictive analytics to its partners, potentially changing the way healthcare and wellness are delivered in numerous markets.

Smart Home

Smart electricity contact free detection of human presence, allowing smart electricity control in the house.

Smart Products

smart TV control remote detection of the viewers status, enabling smart TV control and advanced power saving modes

Smart Furniture

Smart furniture seamless contact free vital signs monitoring for connected health monitoring

Driver Monitoring

Advanced Driver Monitoring Solution EuNCAP 2020+

Child Detection

Child Presence Detection EuNCAP 2022+

Imaging Radars

Next generation high frequency mid/long range imaging radars

Surround Mapping

Child Presence 360 deg. surround environmental mapping

Elderly care

continuous monitoring of the more vulnerable


constant seamless monitoring 24-7 - Sleep apnea monitoring the silent night-time killer


constant seamless monitoring 24-7 - Sleep apnea monitoring the silent night-time killer


untethering man and machine for improved comfort

Smart Devices

turning your smart device into a life saving one Baby monitoring for parental peace of mind and prevention of SIDS

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