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Three More Ways Neteera is Efficiently Enhancing Care 


By Thomas Bang, Chief Strategy Officer, LTC, North America


Contactless Passive Patient Monitoring—what’s all the hype about?  From precise heart rate tracking to advanced respiratory measurement, these platforms can monitor patients or residents in three key areas: Cardio, Pulmonary, and now Activity. Non-wearable innovations represent a significant step forward in patient monitoring, promising to transform how clinicians and caregivers proactively respond to their patient or resident needs. Today, long-term care, senior living operators, and the providers with whom they partner are now leading healthcare’s digital transformation. Neteera, the performance leader contactless passive patient monitoring, sets a new standard harnessing technology to enhance care. Neteera has recently introduced three new behavioral features to its platform to deliver more detailed insight;


1. BedExit Notifications:

The BedExit Notification feature informs the staff when a patient or resident has left their bed. Within 30 seconds of detecting bed exit, caregivers receive an alert.  


2. BedExit Frequency:

Tracking bed behavior patterns for proactive care is becoming essential for effective care management. Neteera's BedExit Frequency tracks the times and frequency a patient or resident exits their bed. This data is invaluable for monitoring specific health conditions. By identifying unusual patterns, caregivers can proactively address underlying health issues, adjusting care plans accordingly.  


3. BedExit Duration:

Complementing the frequency tracking, the BedExit Duration feature provides detailed insights for comprehensive care by capturing how long a patient or resident remains out of bed.  


Neteera's new behavioral features underscore the company's commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to improve patient monitoring and care delivery. By providing near real-time notification’s alerts, tracking exit frequencies, and duration insights, Neteera provides healthcare providers and operators with the tools needed to efficiently enhance patient care. With these new features, Neteera is paving the way for a more responsive and data-driven future in patient and resident care.


Neteera will host a 15-minute webinar on July 11 at 1:00 p.m., giving insiders a demo of the new Bed Activity Insights in action. The session will feature esteemed guests, including healthcare executives. Be the first to get an exclusive demo on Neteera’s latest feature release. Register.

See how Neteera transforms patient care:

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