Once in a while, a scientific breakthrough impacts multiple areas by revealing a totally new way to do things.
This is Neteera * - simultaneously developing the next generation of sensors, and a wireless network to the human body. 
*neteera  - "protecting, watching over",  Babylonian Talmud, Baba Kamma 20b


Neteera is developing a novel Terahertz sensor, of unprecedented resolution, size, cost-effectiveness and reliability. Neteera’s sensor is revolutionary as it allows for multiple applications of remote sensing such as hand-held body scanner, explosives detection, night/fog/smoke surveillance, and more.
In addition, Neteera is pioneering its own sensing technology based on an exciting discovery made at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem: The human sweat duct - which is connected to the sympathetic nervous system - exhibits unique dielectric characteristics. And most importantly, this phenomenon contains information on various biological indicators that can be accessed using a sensor active in the THz spectrum.

About Us:
Neteera was founded in 2014, and is located in the High Tech Village of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Our sensing technology is jointly owned with the Hebrew University.

Neteera´s founders include senior veterans of the Israeli high-tech community, Isaac Litman and Haim Goldberger, and Prof. Yuri Feldman and Dr. Paul Ben Ishai of The Center for Electromagnetic Research and Characterization (CERC) at the Applied Physics Faculty of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Product Development:
Neteera´s dual mission consists of two separate but complementing development projects: The building of a Terahertz receptor with sensitivity and resolution far beyond what is available today, together with the parallel development of proprietary software for the remote sensing of biometric indicators. 
Neteera´s hardware and software solutions are suitable for many markets, both medical and non-medical, including automotive, homeland security and more.