Once in a while, a scientific breakthrough impacts multiple areas by revealing a totally new way to do things.
This is Neteera*,  developing the next generation of Terahertz devices.
*neteera  - "protecting, watching over",  Babylonian Talmud, Baba Kamma 20b


Neteera is developing a novel Terahertz sensor, of unprecedented resolution, size, cost-effectiveness and reliability. Neteera’s sensor is revolutionary as it allows for multiple applications of remote sensing and imaging such as hand-held body scanner, explosives detection, non-metal weapons detection, night/fog/smoke imaging and surveillance, and more.
About Us:
Neteera was founded in 2014, and is located in the High Tech Village of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Its founders include veterans of Israel´s High Tech and Applied Physics communities.

Product Development:
Neteera is building a Terahertz receptor with sensitivity and resolution far beyond what is available today. In addition the company is conducting parallel development of proprietary software for remote and non-invasive imaging and sensing in a variety of applications. 
Neteera´s hardware and software solutions are suitable for many markets, both medical and non-medical, including automotive, homeland security and more.