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Neteera product

In-vehicle monitoring, Including advanced occupancy awareness

Patient screening and monitoring

Continuous contactless monitoring in the home or care facility

Our solution

Neteera's transformative core product consists of 2 key elements:

  • High-frequency radar-on-chip device, operating in the sub-THZ band;
  • Algorithm bundle - a unique approach to radar processing, with a core focus on the elimination of physical noise generated in real-world environments.  

This HW & SW bundle enables OEMs, device makers and Tier1 suppliers across a range of markets to provide human monitoring & detection systems in previously unimaginable ways.

Neteera currently provides 4 key metrics which enable a new dimension in human tracking and automated status interpretation:

  • Heart rate
  • Heart rate interval/variability
  • Respiration rate
  • Respiration amplitude

Moving forward, additional metrics will be released to the market. For more information on upcoming applications  contact us.

Neteera 130W

The Neteera 130W is a fully functioning, self-contained compact system (6x8 cm) representing the most series-like Neteera sensor to date. It is based on two disruptive technologies: proprietary algorithms (that enable tracking vital signs under motion) and a digital SMD micro-radar (sub-THz). Our motion compensation algorithms uniquely deliver full functionality in real-world, vibration-rich environments.

This is a quantum leap forward in contact-free sensing systems as it is compact enough to be discreetly embedded in a broad range of locations such as seat or bed, or integrated within existing platforms such as medical equipment or customer kiosks. Output is displayed via Neteera’s proprietary GUI, or may be integrated in third-party devices via API.

Our business model

Neteera provides a comprehensive B2B service for your human sensing needs; a complete solution consisting of finished product (the Neteera microsensor), or proprietary hardware (micro-radar on chip) together with accompanying algorithms for your specific use case:

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