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The Neteera Chip

Micro-Radar Antennas embedded on the chip
Micro Lenses Improve Low-Signal Capabilities
Propriety cutting edge signal processing algorithmic layer

The Neteera Chip

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Our Solution

Neteera utilizes the sub-THz regions of the electromagnetic spectrum, which is a key enabler for the burgeoning contact-free sensing market, facilitating previously unimaginable detection capabilities.

Our micro-radar System-on-Chip solution is comprised of 5 elements:

  • Micro-radar sensor  
  • Micro-lenses integrated into the chip packaging
  • Proprietary signal processing algorithms
  • ASIC developed in-house
  • Unique dual-chip design

Highly flexible and scalable, Neteera’s  4th generation 140 GHz sub-Thz based micro radar solutions paired with proprietary cutting-edge signal processing algorithms will enable the deployment of a previously unimaginable range of tailored components in accordance with the needs of multiple market segments.

Our initial application is a contact-free vital signs monitor for measuring Pulse rate, Respiration rate and Heart rate interval & variability by reading the micro-movements at the outermost layer of the skin. The reading is contact-free, safe, seamless and reliable even under motion. Other benefits such as the ability to sense through visually opaque materials, no light dependency and an easy integration make it easily applicable for a wide range of markets.

Our solutions are adaptable to other unique needs for more information Contact Us

Neteera Evaluation System (NES)

The NES 1.5 is a fully self-contained compact system. Using an external signal generator, and based on the current generation of Neteera micro-radar-on-a-chip the NES 1.5 enables easy set-up and integration for test and evaluation of Neteera’s core detection algorithms, as well as 3rd party functions development. Outputs are displayed via Neteera’s proprietary GUI, with data-out via a 3rd party external interface PCB.

NES 2.0

Neteera will soon launch the NES 2.0 evaluation system representing the most series-like NES to date, being based on the series intent 140Ghz Neteera micro-radar-on-a-chip for signal source, as well as transmission and receipt. A quantum leap forward in contact-free sensing systems, it will be compact enough to be discreetly embedded in a broad range of locations – from a car seat to smart furniture or simply integrated into a lab based demo.

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