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The Neteera Chip

Micro-Radar Antennas embedded on the chip
Micro Lenses Improve Low-Signal Capabilities
Propriety cutting edge signal processing algorithmic layer

The Neteera Chip

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Our Solution

Neteera's transformative core product consists of 2 key elements; -radar-on-chip : a high-frequency radar-on-chip device, operating in the sub-THZ band and - algorithm bundle : a unique approach to radar processing, with a core focus on the elimination of physical noise generated in real-world environments.This HW & SW 'bundle' enables OEMs, device makers and Tier1 suppliers across a range of markets to provide human monitoring & detection systems in previously unimaginable ways. Neteera currently provides 4 key metrics which enable a new dimension in human tracking and automated status interpretation:

- Heart Rate    
- Heart Rate Interval / Variability    
- Respiration rate    
- Respiration Amplitude

Moving forwards additional metrics will be released to the market.

For more informatin on applications click here or for more information Contact Us.

Neteera Evaluation System (NES)- 2.0

The NES 2.0 is a fully functioning, self-contained compact system (40mm x 40mm x 20 mm) representing the most series-like NES to date. It is based on two disruptive technologies: proprietary algorithms (that enable tracking vital Signs under motion) and a digital SMD micro-radar (sub-THz). Our Motion Compensation algorithms uniquely deliver full functionality in real world, vibration-rich, environments - such as in a vehicle on the road.

This is a quantum leap forward in contact-free sensing systems as it is compact enough to be discreetly embedded in a broad range of locations – from a car seat to smart furniture or simply integrated into a lab-based demo. Outputs are displayed via Neteera’s proprietary GUI, with data-out via a 3rd party external interface PCB.

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