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The Neteera Chip

Micro-Radar Antennas embedded on the chip
Micro Lenses Improve Low-Signal Capabilities
Propriety cutting edge signal processing algorithmic layer

The Neteera Chip

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Our Solution

Neteera's transformative core technology consists of 2 key elements;
1. a high-frequency radar-on-chip device, operating in the sub-THZ band, together with
2. a patented unique approach to radar processing, even in the presence of physical harshness, movement and vibration (such as encountered in driving conditions in a vehicle).

Today we provide a broad range of metrics, with more in development -
1. Heart Rate
2. Heart Rate Interval / Variability
3. Respiration rate
4. Respiration Amplitude
By tracking these 4 critical vital signs metrics, Neteera enables a new dimension in human tracking and automated status interpretation.

This bundled HW+SW approach enables device makers from a wide range of markets, including automotive and healthcare, as well as consumer electronics, to provide human monitoring & detection systems in previously unimaginable ways.

Current monitoring solutions include:
1. "child left behind" reminder systems for Euro NCAP and US Hot Car Act
2. Vital Signs Tracking, Monitoring and status comprehension
3. Elderly monitoring and fall detection
4. Human Presence Detection

Due to the relatively low cost of a radar-on-chip device, in comparison to camera based or classic low frequncy radar solutions, the Neteera system is highly affordable, whilst being scalable and flexible in terms of integration location.

Our solutions are adaptable to numerous markets and other unique needs, for more information Contact Us.

Neteera Evaluation System (NES)- 2.0

The NES 2.0 is a fully functioning, self-contained compact system (40mm x 40mm x 20 mm) representing the most series-like NES to date. It is based on two disruptive technologies: proprietary algorithms (that enable tracking vital Signs under motion) and a digital SMD micro-radar (sub-THz). Our Motion Compensation algorithms uniquely deliver full functionality in real world, vibration-rich, environments - such as in a vehicle on the road.

This is a quantum leap forward in contact-free sensing systems as it is compact enough to be discreetly embedded in a broad range of locations – from a car seat to smart furniture or simply integrated into a lab-based demo. Outputs are displayed via Neteera’s proprietary GUI, with data-out via a 3rd party external interface PCB.

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