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Hospital at Home

Hospital-level care is moving. To your home, our homes. One thing we learned from COVID-19, is that healthcare can be provided when the patient is home. With healthcare costs on the rise, the shift is happening at a quicker pace and the concept is proving to be successful. Hospital at home programs provide physician visits, drugs, monitoring, nursing services, diagnostics, and other services typically reserved for patients in inpatient settings.

Delivering care at home is suitable for elderlies, mobility impaired individuals, high-risk patients with chronic conditions or those who are healthy and at low risk.

What are the benefits?

  • Better clinical outcomes

  • High quality and clinically efficient care

  • Shorter average hospital stays

  • Higher patient and family satisfaction

  • Fewer lab and diagnostic tests compared to similar hospitalized patients

  • Fewer complications often associated with hospital stays

  • Lower care costs compared to traditional inpatient care

For health institutions, adopting a hospital at home program can:

  • Increase bed capacity to treat higher acuity patients

  • Free up resources for more urgent needs

  • Extend care to patients in a lower-cost environment (i.e., the home)

  • Ensure patients avoid hospital-acquired illnesses and infection (for which hospitals are penalized)

  • Provide an alternative for patients wary of a hospital stays


Neteera’s FDA-cleared medical device is a contactless remote patient monitoring platform accurately delivering heart and lung activity (heart rate and respiratory rate) as well as patient behavior. For hospital at home programs, integrating Neteera’s contactless monitoring platform can have significant impact on the quality-of-care patients at home receive. Clinical insights on the patient’s current state and trend analysis are made possible by real-time data and continuous collection of vital signs, thus giving the physician the correct tools and information to intervene in a timely manner when necessary.

Neteera’s platform encompasses a seamless and stressless monitoring experience for patients and their medical staff:

  • Contactless remote monitoring

  • Senses through clothing and bedding

  • Health data are kept private and secure

  • No camera for ultimate privacy

  • Device handling/maintenance is not required

  • Complete integration in facilities’ EHR/EMR system

  • SMS/email notifications

  • Smart Alert System aiming to minimize non-clinically relevant notifications

In short, Neteera’s platform may help reduce the burden out of healthcare for a wide range of patients and can help clinicians do their job more effectively and efficiently.

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