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Is healthcare going wireless? FDA clears Neteera’s passive & contactless patient monitoring platform

JERUSALEM, 9 November 2022 – Jerusalem-based startup, Neteera Technologies, has spent the last seven years quietly reimagining what healthcare can and should be. Healthcare today is entrenched in wired medical devices, consumables, alarms, and nurses making monotonous rounds, manually checking patients’ vitals. What if we could untether patients from machines, streamline patient monitoring and reduce the burden and workload increasingly put on our clinical staff? Well, the FDA just granted Neteera 510(k) Class II clearance for its novel contactless cardio-pulmonary monitoring platform, which does just that.

Neteera’s revolutionary platform uses a unique and proprietary micro-motion sensor alongside with AI to observe patients continuously, leveraging this continuous, passive patient monitoring to shift from reactive to proactive care. For patients, it means no longer having to be attached to wires or having their privacy compromised. In short – a much improved quality of life and quality of care.

TapestryHealth, a leading US telemedicine and RPM services provider, has been using Neteera’s solution to monitor their patients in multiple locations. Mordy Eisenberg, NHA, Co-Founder/Chief Growth & Product Officer said, “Neteera’s cloud-based solution is the missing link for a seamless and passive remote patient monitoring experience. For the first time, our clinicians have access to an efficient contactless solution allowing them to identify patients in need, prioritize patients at risk, and use the data to better understand patient status, improve care, and prevent rehospitalizations. We are freeing up staff in our partner SNFs from patient vitals collecting, improving their workflow, reducing stress and friction, and saving money. In turn, we have significantly reduced the clinical blind spots in our partner facilities.”

Marketing approval by the FDA comes after the submission of Neteera’s clinical trials across multiple use cases. The studies proved the sensing platform is accurate, safe, and efficient even under certain motion conditions. The 510(k) class II 130H vital sign monitoring sensor is readily available in the USA, with ongoing commercial activity across telemedicine care providers and exciting ventures with innovative hospitals and nursing homes.

Isaac Litman, Founder and CEO of Neteera said: "The FDA clearance of our seamless patient monitoring platform marks an important milestone for Neteera. Neteera’s platform changes the way patients are monitored. Most importantly, it will dramatically increase patient comfort while collecting a plethora of valuable continuous data, leading to meaningful clinical decision making by caregivers who no longer need to be burdened with tedious manual patient monitoring. We are especially excited for the impact it can have on healthcare in coming years. At the end of the day – this will help patients and will allow caregivers a more watchful eye. We are proud of it.”

If you are attending HLTH 2022 or Medica 2022, drop by the Israel pavilion where we are showcasing our platform.


Neteera is a Jerusalem-based hi-tech company with a vision to shift healthcare from reactive to proactive. Neteera’s technology enables clinical-grade patient monitoring whether it be in a home-based setting, a hospital or senior care facility. We support caregivers by providing a safer work environment and help to save the healthcare system money & resources in patient care.

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