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Advantages of Neteera 130H-Plus


What are the benefits of monitoring patients with high-frequency sensors vs. lower-frequency options?

  • Safe continuous passive monitoring 

  • Accurate and clear data resolution

  • Compact product

  • Allows for a multitude of features and parameters that are not available on low-frequency sensors


Our patients are now closely monitored via Neteera's platform. We hope that future features will continue to benefit us and improve patient outcome.

Dr. Rowa Tarig
General Practitioner

Neteera’s cloud-based solution is the missing link for a seamless and passive remote patient monitoring experience.

Mordy Eisenberg - NHA
Co-Founder/Chief Growth & Product Officer,
TapestryHealth, USA

With Neteera (remote patient monitoring), we have no more untreated stressful patients. No more blind spots. We solved this issue. The Neteera system is my eyes in the department.

Dr. Salah Barhoum
Complex Nursing Dept., Herzog Medical Center
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