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Optimizing Healthcare Systems:
Neteera Centralized Command and Control Systems Platform

Health establishments can now oversee multiple facilities or departments on one screen. Our solution displays the number of devices on each site and their connectivity status. An "alert log" aggregates types of alerts and patient locations, ensuring efficient and streamlined operations.

Nurses Station

Experience enhanced patient care with our centralized solution. Nurses can view patients across units or wards, accessing real-time clinical data activity

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Patient Dashboard

Our patient dashboard provides comprehensive real-time data, continuously. With our device, healthcare providers can set minimum and maximum thresholds. Our alert mechanism can give clinicians a wide variety of opportunities to assess the data so they can get alerts. Healthcare providers can take advantage of Neteera’s cutting-edge technology to set up base alerts to avoid alert fatigue and receive indication of changes in real-time.

See how Neteera transforms patient care:

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