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Senior care facilities face unique challenges in providing comprehensive care to residents while promoting independence and quality of life. Neteera's technology detects changes in health early, enabling timely interventions for on-site treatment

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Addressing Staffing Challenges, Redefining Senior Care

The nursing shortage poses significant challenges to the healthcare system, leading to higher workloads and compromised quality of care. Neteera can help. With our contactless monitoring technology, facilities can optimize their existing workforce, allowing nurses to focus on critical tasks. We’re empowering caregivers to deliver personalized attention, while maintaining a high standard of care.

Crossing the Healthcare Divide: Neteera's Impact on Senior Care

Neteera's contactless passive monitoring technology offers a future-forward solution tailored to the specific needs of senior care programs.


We are part of your journey to value-based payment. By seamlessly integrating advanced sensors and algorithms, Neteera enables facilities to optimize their resources and provide personalized, high-quality care to residents.


Our facility partners, when using Neteera technology, were able to achieve a 93% “treat in place clinical standard.”

2024 Patient Data and Feedback: Neteera working with its partners' “model of care,” was able to achieve 93% treatment in place.*

See how Neteera transforms patient care:

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