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Reinventing human sensing

Neteera's unique solution combines a micro-radar on chip and proprietary algorithms to redefine the human-machine interface.

Core technology - key advantages

Neteera utilizes the sub-THz region of the electromagnetic spectrum, which is a key enabler for the burgeoning contact-free sensing market, facilitating previously unimaginable detection capabilities. Neteera's unique solution combines a micro-radar on chip and algorithms in a disruptive sensing platform for contact-free detection and monitoring of humans in two modalities:
·         Broad sensing (presence & activity): Child/human presence detection; advanced occupancy awareness.
·         Focused sensing (vital signs): Heart rate, respiration rate, heart rate variability, respiration amplitude, sleep apnea detection.
Additional features in development.

Unaffected by lighting and weather
Maintains privacy
Rich data analysis
High accuracy
Low power consumption
Cost effective
Contact free & motion robust
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