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Enabling personalized care

Advanced health monitoring for improving patient outcomes.

Core technology - key advantages

Competing contactless sensors to Neteera utilize a variety of alternative technologies such as low frequency radar, camera and lidar and laser solutions. Neteera is uniquely positioned due to its successful development of a very high frequency radar-based sensor, coupled with proprietary algorithms. 
- Wealth of features: Senses a variety of indicators not available through other technologies.  
- Sensing through clothing: Unlike cameras, optical solutions or lidar, Neteera’s technology does not require a direct line of sight to the subject’s skin. Sensing process is more robust without subjecting the patient to clothing removal.   
- Contactless (not a wearable): No physical contact between the sensor and the subject. May be located at a distance of up to 1.5 meters, preserving patient comfort and convenience. This is also highly significant in the safeguarding of medical personnel and prevention of HAIs (healthcare associated infections).  
- No disposables: Wires, gels, pads etc. not required.  
- Not vision based: Respects patient privacy (no visual image is taken).  
- Continuous monitoring: Operates continuously, without any intervention or operation needed by care personnel or patients, allowing for a continuum and personalized care.  
- Data analysis: Our solution assists the decision-making process by allowing for current and historical trend analysis as well as the deployment of decision supporting tools in the coming future.  
- No maintenance: Once easily installed no further involvement is required unlike cameras, optics or wearables.

Unaffected by lighting
Maintains privacy
Rich data analysis
High accuracy
Low power consumption
Cost effective
Contact free & motion robust
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